I’m Archi and I Love Sri Lanka!

Hi ! I’m Lorraine, most often known as “Archi”. I’d love to share with you my passion and insider knowledge of this amazing country so that you can have a totally awesome holiday in this jewel of the Indian Ocean.

It is now more than fifty years ago since I first arrived in Sri Lanka. Stepping out of the arrivals hall at Katunayake Airport into the electric atmosphere of the mass of people, the cacophony of the then strange language, strident honking of horns, pushing porters and insistent taxi touts I was instantly enveloped in the warmth of both its climate and its people.

Three days later, watched by more than three hundred guests, only three of whom I knew, I married the best son Lanka has ever produced and my love of this amazing country had taken hold of my life. My lifelong love affair with Sri Lanka had begun!

Sri Lanka infiltrates the hearts of many visitors with the rich beauty of the tea or rubber covered hills, rain forests, patchwork paddy fields, ruins of ancient cities, ancient cave art, elephants in the National Parks and even roaming roadside in places, leopards, beautiful birds, hiking, white water rafting, beaches and water sports, whales and dolphins. Add also Buddhist temples, Hindu kovils, mosques, fascinating stories and folk lore. Food! Make sure you try some appe , stringhoppers, rich coconut creamed curries, sambols and wattalapalam for dessert! Then there’s the excitement of colour – the saris, the fruit stalls, tuk tuks scooting, cars hooting.  There’s something for children, the adventurous and fit – Climb Adam’s Peak – as well as the plus aged travellers taking a more leisurely pace. This awesome island country is great to visit all year – just plan your itinerary well. Help is here! Just ask Archi!

It’s a small country offering lots of options, so you are spoiled for choices!

Let’s start your awesome holiday in Sri Lanka!

First up – What’s on your “must see, must do” list? Check the Destinations page for a picture of the six regions.  My blog posts of the awesome, but not so well known, sites will help you to build and refine your list. I’m here to answer your queries. Just click the Ask Archi button!

What’s your timing? Sri Lanka is a year round destination however some places are better than others at different times. After that it’s how long do you have to see and do all the amazing things on your list? Ask me how to plan your route.

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My Sri Lanka

There’s so much to see, to do, to explore in this small island surrounded by the warm, emerald water of the Indian Ocean. As well as its natural beauty, the palm lined beaches, the colourful temples, shrines, mosques, kovils and ancient sites, there’s the people and their intriguing stories from ancient times. Stories of love, of battles between the invaders from India, between brothers and fathers. Patricide. Fratricide. Stories that bring to life the ruins in the sand and forests, the ancient frescos in the caves.  Start your romance with this surprising country here!

Wild, Wonderful Wilpattu

March 23rd, 2020|0 Comments

Sri Lanka’s National Bird, the Jungle fowl, struts proudly in the scrub. I am in its home, Wilpattu National Park in the North West of this resplendent island.  I admire his golden colours as he [...]

Alu Vihare – a place of contemplation and serenity

June 1st, 2017|0 Comments

Just north of Matale and hardly noticed by tourists as they speed by to the Dambulla cave temples is another of the wonders of Sri Lanka, the extraordinary Alu Vihare Temple. Set in the hillside [...]

Horn, Accelerator, Brakes! Crazy driving, everyone!

March 16th, 2017|0 Comments

The scream of braking, bald tyres accompanied by the blaring of the palmed horn gave me a split second warning to brace myself for another possible impact. Happily, though, our van lurched to a stop [...]

  • Natural Pool, We Oya

Paradise in Sri Lanka

March 14th, 2017|2 Comments

Morning has broken. Light creeps through the cracks in the curtains as my awareness begins to return to a new day. Gradually I awaken from my deep sleep, which had been induced by the murmur [...]