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Let me share with you my passion for this incredible country, and assist you to plan your own adventure in the Sri Lanka I know and love.

My story about Sri Lanka began in the 1960s when I met a young Sri Lankan man studying in my then home country, New Zealand, and eventually decided that, after I had completed my Teacher Training Course, I would follow him to Sri Lanka and marry him. This I did and, on arrival found myself immersed suddenly into the intricacies of the culture surrounding weddings – observance of auspicious times for everything from making offerings indicating respect to parents and elders to stepping up onto the wedding poruwa at the prescribed minute. I just went with the flow and allowed myself to be gently guided to the right place at the right time, occasionally asking my groom to explain what was happening, often to be told with a giggle that he didn’t exactly know. I remember this ceremony that married me to Sri Lanka as well as to my husband as being a happy and fun occasion.

At this time, only the very wealthy were able to send their students overseas to University and few of these brought back western brides so I was quite a surprise. I soon became used to people remarking about my very blue eyes and being described as “Sudu Nona”- white lady. Almost fifty years later I have morphed into “Archi” – in Sinhalese Roman script, “achchii” meaning Grandmother. I am, in fact, Grandmother of four from my own offspring but also to many, many more in Sri Lanka where the meaning of Grandmother is very much broader.

So, what is it that has me still so in love with Sri Lanka? Firstly, it’s the people who immediately welcomed me into their family and community. It’s their quiet charm, gentle demeanour, humour, acceptance of reality¬† – “What to do ? “when faced with something they can do little about

Then it’s the sheer beauty of the country. The river above is the one that flows below our home there in the hill country. What’s not to love about living in that environment! It’s the aroma of spices, of the drying tea emanating from the tea estate factories. The forests of rubber trees, hillsides covered in flat tea bushes, tea pluckers with their head band baskets, towering coconut and other palm trees. Sheer rock faces with their heads above the mist. Waterfalls and Rain forests . . .

. . . elephants, monkeys, amazing numbers of different birds . . . The ancient ruins of the recovered city of Polonnaruwa, of many other ancient ruins of historical and religious sites found all over the country and the amazing stories that go with them. The Buddhist dagabas, or stupas, the Hindu temples, weekly polas or markets. The list goes on!

About Archi

My mission is to share my knowledge and passion of this beautiful country so that you can have a wonderful holiday in this amazing emerald island. It’s also my way of thanking its generous people who have embraced me with love.

Use my knowledge and passion to help plan your own memorable holiday in Sri Lanka. I’m just a message away so why not go to my Ask Archi page and send that message.

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