Wild, Wonderful Wilpattu

Sri Lanka’s National Bird, the Jungle fowl, struts proudly in the scrub. I am in its home, Wilpattu National Park in the North West of this resplendent island.  I admire his golden colours as he [...]

Alu Vihare – a place of contemplation and serenity

Just north of Matale and hardly noticed by tourists as they speed by to the Dambulla cave temples is another of the wonders of Sri Lanka, the extraordinary Alu Vihare Temple. Set in the hillside [...]

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Horn, Accelerator, Brakes! Crazy driving, everyone!

The scream of braking, bald tyres accompanied by the blaring of the palmed horn gave me a split second warning to brace myself for another possible impact. Happily, though, our van lurched to a stop [...]

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Paradise in Sri Lanka

Morning has broken. Light creeps through the cracks in the curtains as my awareness begins to return to a new day. Gradually I awaken from my deep sleep, which had been induced by the murmur [...]

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Princess Viharamaha Devi and Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Arugum Bay

Wandering just a couple of kilometres towards Pottuvil from the surfing town of Arugum Bay, hidden under the post 2006 tsunami encroaching sand and regenerating trees, I made an exciting find! Muhudu  Maha Viharaya Viharaya, [...]

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Adam’s Peak – Sri Pada

Focusing determinedly on lifting my leaden right foot, I gripped the handrail on both sides and heaved my protesting body upwards for the last time. At that moment the drums began their distinctively Sri Lankan [...]

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